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04/07/2019USA Swimming Options

Your swimmer has the option of competing in USA Swimming meets throughout the summer.  These are long-course meets (50-meter pool).  If your swimmer is not registered with USA Swimming and would like to try it out this summer, there are several options - you can register your swimmer for just the summer with USA Swimming, at a cost of $48, or you can register them for a yearly membership, which would be active until 12/31/19 at a cost of $78.  You can also register them as a flex member, for $20, which gives them the opportunity to swim in 2 meets (no championship USA meets).  The flex membership can be upgraded at any time to premium, and the initial $20 is deducted.  If interested in this, please let us know.  We will be having an informational meeting for all NEW USA Swimming families on Friday, April 12th, at 7pm, at the pool. If your swimmer is already registered with USA Swimming, their registration covers all meets through 12/31/19, and they will be able to compete in the USA Swimming spring/summer meets.  We plan on attending 5 USA Swimming meets during the spring/summer.

04/07/2019Spring/Summer Swimming 2019


**If you know of swimmers who may be interested in joining the team, we will have try-outs for new swimmers on Friday, April 12th, from 6pm-7pm at the pool. This is for any NEW swimmer interested in joining the team.  We will require all swimmers joining the team to swim for the coaches so that they can be assigned the correct practice group.  

Red/Senior: 4/16/19-5/31/19 Weekday evening practices, Saturday morning practicesExtensive teaching and also classroom sessions regarding technique will also occur during these practices.  Please see the attached calendar.  

Black/Silver: 4/16/19-5/31/19 - Weekday evening practices, Saturday morning practices.  Please see the attached calendar for specific days/times.

**We will also be offering Pre-Team Practices, which is noted on the calendar, on Saturday morning.  Red/Senior swimmers are encouraged to stay and volunteer as instructors of this group.  The pre-team classes are filling up quickly - if you have a friend or family member interested, please see the attached flyer. 


Red/Senior: 6/1/19-7/28/19 - see attached calendar for practice times - INCLUDES long course practices

Black/Silver: 6/1/19-7/28/19 - See attached calendar - Registered USA Swimming swimmers are welcome to either attend the Long Course practices, or the practices at the SRU Pool, on the days there is Long Course practice


Senior Group: Both Spring and Summer sessions: $360, Spring session or Summer session only: $180

Red Group: Both Spring and Summer sessions: $360.  Spring session or summer session only: $180 

Black Group: Both Spring and Summer sessions: $200.  Spring session or Summer session only: $100

Silver Group: Both Spring and Summer sessions: $150.  Spring session or Summer session only: $75


10/11/18 - Parent meeting at 6pm

10/12/18 - Black group practice 5p-6pm, SRU/Red Senior meet - be there are 5:15 pm for pre-team prep work with Coach Carly

10/13/18 - Homecoming parade - we will meet at Coffaros, probably around 9am, but more info to come

10/20/18 - Mock meet for ALL swimmers at our pool.  Warm up at 7:30 am.  Sign up on the family portal for events, a volunteer job and a food item to bring to share with the team.  Entries due by 10/13/18!!!

09/12/2018Start of the Season
We hope you are excited for the start of the season!!! As you know, we are committed to not only helping your swimmers become better swimmers, but also better people. We will continue to focus on sportsmanship, community service, and safety throughout the season. In this regard, we will need your support. We are looking for parents who have current clearances (we know there are many of you!) who are willing to help with monitoring of the locker room at the conclusion of your swimmer's practice time. This should NOT involve going in to the locker room, but will simply be being outside of the doorway/in the hallway area to listen for any inappropriate/unkind conversation, and also if you would be needed (for an injury for example) the swimmers will know someone is out there. The clearances are mandatory, due to the proximity to the locker room, as well as because you may have to enter the locker room. If you have your clearances, please email me and I will add you to a list of parents who can help with this (it will be done through SignUpGenius, you can sign up for as many dates as you would like, hopefully parents can rotate - let's face it, a lot of us are there anyway waiting for our kids to change!). We MUST have a copy of your clearances before you can help in this capacity. I have attached what is required. Please review the current locker room policy, which is on our website. For those with older swimmers who have cell phones - phones are NOT permitted to be used or out of bags in the locker room. This is a USA Swimming rule and violations will be taken seriously. If your swimmer needs to use their phone at the conclusion of practice, he/she can use their phone in the bleachers, or in the hallway, NOT in the locker room. Please review this with your swimmer. One final note, as we embark on the 40th season of the Eels, we have all gone through many coaching changes. We believe this year will be a turning point, into a period of not just stability, but of excellence in and out of the pool. We ask that you, as parents, encourage and support our coaches and each other throughout the season. When our coaches are deck coaching during practice, please do not approach them. We are determined to have active coaches during all practices, and attempting to talk with them is a distraction. You are welcome to email the coaches if you have a question/concern (all coaches' email addresses are listed on our website). You are also welcome to talk briefly with the coaches BEFORE or AFTER practices. We hope you will see coaches who are always engaged with your swimmers, and we welcome your feedback and questions when they are not actively coaching practice.
08/27/2018Welcome to the 2018-2019 Season!!
Welcome to the 2018-2019 SRST season! It is going to be an amazing season! Currently we have 74 registered swimmers on the team, and 25 of those registered swimmers will also be competing in USA Swimming meets (in addition to our league meets). If you are on the fence about trying USA Swimming, please email me or Coach Plank ( with any questions you have. USA Swimming is offering a new "Flex" membership this year, which is $20 and allows a swimmer to compete in 2 USA Swimming meets. You can then become a full yearly member if your swimmer likes it, and they can then participate in more meets. Other costs involved is a $10 per meet coaching fee (per family), and entry fees (typically $5 an event). Again, USA Swimming is OPTIONAL. We have 8 league meets (free of charge), as well as the league championship meet, which are open to all swimmers. Reminder that we have a closed group facebook page ("SRST"), that you can ask to join, and we also use the "Remind" app ("Slippery Rock Swim Team") for any last minute changes or reminders. Both of these are also optional, as all important information is emailed and also posted on our website ( If your swimmer is new to the team, OR moved up to a new practice group, please go to and click on the link for the equipment needed for that practice group. You do not have to get the specific brand posted, but it gives you an example (such as, if a specific kickboard brand is listed, you can purchase that one, or search the entire swimoutlet site for a kickboard you prefer). It is recommended that your swimmer have ALL equipment listed for their practice group before the start of the first practice. Additionally, Red/Senior group swimmers are to have their resistance bands (a link was previously emailed, if I missed anyone in Red/Senior, let me know). As always, any questions, let us know!!!!
08/18/2018Learn to Swim with SRST!

Pre-Team Group Practice

Group focus-introduction to competitive swimming, comfort with complete facial submersion, rotary (side) breathing, introduction to practice equipment.  Swimmers should wear one piece suits (girls) and bring goggles to all sessions.

Participants need not be independent in the water as assistants will be available in the water for every session.  All ages, ability levels are welcome!

Group size will be capped at 12 swimmers.  Openings will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  Registration forms and payment are due on day one of each session.  Failure to complete this process will result in the participant losing their spot and the first family on the waiting list will be contacted, unless timely communication has occurred with our Pre-Team Lead-Laura Carlantonio.

Cost-$60.00/session per participant

Registration forms can be downloaded from our team website: follow the “Registration” tab.  Payment and registration forms are required on first day of each session.

Sessions will run for 6 consecutive weeks throughout the 2018-19 swim season (September-March). 

Session 1- Wednesday September 5th-Wednesday October 10th from 7:15-8 pm.

Contact information-for additional information or questions, please contact lead pre-team lead, Laura Carlantonio at

07/20/2018Fall 2018 Registration

Slippery Rock Swim Team

Season Tryouts & Registration

Where: Slippery Rock University Morrow Field House, 1 Morrow Way, Slippery Rock, PA 16057

When: Saturday, August 25th, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (swimmers need goggles if trying out for the team)

Target Ability Levels:

·         Team ready-swimmers should be able to complete one lap of a 25 yard pool without assistance. 

·         Pre-team-any swimmers interested in learning basic stroke technique.  Swimmers do not need be independent in the water.  Instruction will be both supervised and assisted in the water.

Season Information: The SRST swim season will run from September 4, 2018 through late March 2019 (7 months).  Entry level (team ready) swimmers will practice on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:00 pm and Saturday morning from 8-9 am-cost $295.00 for entire season (payment plans available).  Pre-team swimmers will practice on Wednesday evenings from 7:15-8:00 pm – in 6-week sessions. Cost is $60.00 per 6-week session.  Pre-team swimmers will be assessed during their time in the water, and may progress to “team ready”.  SRST participates in swim meets throughout the season, which are free to swimmers and ALL swimmers on the team are encouraged to participate in them.

Contact for Questions: Robin Plank, SRST Assistant Coach & 

12/12/2016Information on USA swimming

The purpose of this post is to let you know a little bit about USA Swimming.  USA Swimming is the National Governing Body for the sport of swimming in the US.  It promotes the culture of swimming by creating opportunities for swimmers and coaches of all backgrounds to participate and advance in the sport.  Our team participates in the Western Central Pennsylvania Swim League, and also participates in USA Swimming through our regional USA Swimming location, Allegheny Mountain Swimming.  Some of our swimmers participate in USA Swimming as well as our league meets.  I want to dispel the misconception that "USA Swimming is only for the fast swimmers".  This is simply NOT true.  USA Swimming splits their meets by ability, so it provides ALL swimmers the opportunity to compete with swimmers of like ability.  This actually promotes growth and additional competition, without discouraging swimmers.  There are time standards to achieve, and this is what allows swimmers to advance to the next level of swim meet within USA Swimming, so they always are swimming with swimmers that are competitive with them, but of like ability.  Why am I telling you all of this?  We are about to renew our current USA swimmer's memberships, which will be good through 12/31/17, and we would like you all to think about trying USA Swimming.  The membership is $72 per swimmer, per year, and the only other cost associated is the "splash fees" for meet entries.  Similar to our league champs meet, any USA Swimming meet has a $5 per entry fee per swimmer.  This helps cover the cost for the host teams, as well as for the certified officials that are at every USA meet.  Attending USA Swimming meets broadens your swimmer's horizon greatly, and opens their world to a lot more competition and like-ability swimmers that are in our region.  Additionally, it provides time standards to shoot for, which provides additional goal-setting for your swimmer.  If you are interested in trying USA Swimming in 2017, please let us know, and we will add your swimmer to our registration list.  Again, the yearly fee of $72 goes to USA Swimming, and covers registration through 12/31/17.  If your swimmer is a current USA Swimming swimmer, we will also need to know if you will be renewing their registration for 2017.  If you have any questions about USA Swimming, please feel free to ask your swimmer's coaches, or Laura Carlantonio or Robin Plank, as we are both parents of USA Swimming swimmers and beginner swimmers.  Please email Laura Carlantonio by DECEMBER 16TH if you are interested in registering your swimmer for USA Swimming.  Thank you!!

09/21/2015Swim Team Apparel
Our Swim Outlet team website has been updated, and team apparel is ready!  It is available all year round, you can customize with your swimmer's name, and there are many options!  Go to our team site through Swim Outlet:, and click on the link on the left "SRST Custom Gear".  Items feature our team logo. Great Christmas gifts!

08/20/2014SwimOutlet.Com Team Store
We are proud to announce our affiliation with  When purchasing items from SwimOutlet, you are not only getting great products but helping to support the Eels!  Each purchase made, while using the following link, earns financial rewards for our team.